Business Trip Checklist for Men

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So you are going to fly across the country/world to meet a client or pitch a business idea or even buy a business. You need to look good, and more than that, you need to feel comfortable. Because whether you channel the inner Zuckerberg in jeans and t-shirt or style Gordon Gekko's braces, if you don't feel the part, you won't look the part.

If you are flying, waiting for your luggage to join you in the terminal is a bore and a waste of time. When possible, travel with carry-on only. To do so, you need to think ahead, and get the most out of each item you bring.

It all hinges on what you are going to wear when you are on show in the crux meetings or engagement:

  • If it involves a jacket, then wear this when travelling, but make sure that you remove it when you sit down, to prevent creases. You might want to bring a sweater for comfort as well.
  • If the meetings are more casual, you will have an easier time as you don't have to worry about looking too dishevelled.
  • Think about items that can work in more than one way. A check shirt in a format cut could be perfect when suited and booted, and work equally well unbuttoned a little, sleeves rolled up and paired with chinos.
  • Make sure that when you pack your carry-on luggage, your electronics and toiletries are easily accessible.

Use our business travel packing list to make sure that you have all the essentials. Our packing list for your business travel bag has checkboxes to use on your phone, or you can download and print a copy.

Packing for Business trip - men - Download the list

The Packing List

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