Family Friendly Festivals UK 2021

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What's happening to 2020 festivals?

Covid-19 has pretty much cancelled the 2020 festival season. The good news is that many of the festivals are rolling over all tickets to their 2021 event. If you have tickets for 2020, hopefully festival organiser will have been in touch to let you know what the options are - generally same time, same place next year, or a refund.

Family friendly festivals for 2021 tickets are on sale

Of course, most of the events are also selling newly released tickets for 2021 already so if you are a planner, you can get your tickets in now. Generally the earlybird tickets for 2021 have already gone, so you'll be paying something close to full price. Festivals are spread across the country and, although they are concentrated in the summer holidays, there are plenty in the spring and autumn too.

They also varying dramatically in terms of the overall feel, from the mega-fest that is Camp Bestival to the craft-based The Good Life Experience Festival to the food focused Big Feastival.

Most festivals in 2021 are keen to promote their climate change awareness and sustainability, with a fair number charging a carbon offset and encouraging/organising travel by public transport.

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How to find your family friendly festival

It is great that there will still be festivals in 2021, and to help you make the best choice, we have summarised the events below as a map and a list.

To allow a comparison between festivals, we have also included an indication of the cost of tickets for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. The prices shown assume you camp for the entire festival and doesn't include any additional cost that may be charged for parking/campervans etc. All events have different pricing structures, especially when it comes to kids' tickets so the price we have quoted assumes children that are older than babies but not yet teens. Many of the events haven't released 2021 tickets but have confirmed dates - here we have shown the 2020 price.

Have fun searching for your perfect festival in 2021!

Map of UK Family Friendly Festivals in 2021

List of UK Family Friendly Festivals in 2021

DateDateNameCost for 2 adults + 2 children
29 Apr-2 MayThu 29th April - Sun 2nd MayThe Good Life Experience Festival
Hawarden Castle, Flintshire
22-25 JulThu 22nd - Sun 25th JulyBluedot
Jodrell Bank Cheshire
22-25 JulThu 22nd - Sun 25th JulyNozstock
Tier 4 tickets
22-25 JulThu 22nd - Sun 25th JulyStandon Calling
Tier 3 tickets
28-31 MayFri 28th - Mon 31st MayElderflower Fields South
Pippingford Park, East Sussex
Unchanged from 2020
4-6 JunFri 4th - Sun 6th JuneWYCHWOOD FESTIVAL
Cheltenham Racecourse
2-4 JulFri 2nd - Sun 4th JulyTimber Festival
2020 price
9-11 JulFri 9th - Sun 11th JulyCornbury Music Festival
9-11 JulFri 9th - Sun 11th JulyEly Folk Festival
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Earlybird, available until 31 May
23-24 JulFri 23rd - Sat 24th JulChagstock
Chagford, Exeter
24 JulSat 24th JulySplendour Festival
Wollaton Park, Nottingham
1 day event
29 Jul - 1 AugThurs 29th July - Sun 1st AugCamp Bestival
Lulworth Castle, Dorset
2020 price
29 Jul - 1 AugThurs 29th July - Sun 1st AugKendal Calling
Lowther Deer Park, Lake District
Price includes Thursday add-on
29 Jul - 2 AugThurs 29th July - Mon 2nd AugY Not
Pikehall, Derbyshire
Tickets not yet released
30 Jul - 1 AugFri 30th July - Sun 1st AugChilled in a Field
East Sussex
2020 price
30 Jul - 1 AugFri 30th July - Sun 1st AugDeer Shed Festival
Topcliffe, North Yorkshire
Tier 3, ends 24/7/2020
4-8 AugWed 4th - Sun 8th AugStarry Skies
Usk, Wales
2020 price
19-22 AugThu 19th - Sun 22nd AugGreen Man 2021
Glanusk Park, Usk Valley, Wales
2020 price
20-22 AugFri 20th - Sun 22nd AugJust So
Rode Hall Estate, Cheshire
2020 price - tickets on sale 21 Aug
26-29 AugThu 26th - Sun 29th AugShambala Festival
Secret Country Estate, Northamptonshire
2020 price
27-29 AugFri 27th - Sun 29th AugThe Big Feastival
2020 price
27-30 AugFri 27th - Mon 30th AugTowersey Festival
Thame, Oxfordshire
27-29 AugFri 27th - Sun 29th AugVictorious Festival
Tickets not yet released