What to Take for a Hot Day Out With Kids

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Hot summer days can be glorious. The kids playing in water and you sitting in the shade admiring them. Or they can be hell, with sunburn, bee stings and parental guilt in abundance. Here are a few things to consider to avoid the latter:

  • For all children (and adults too!), it is essential to drink enough water. Make sure you have a good supply, and offer it to the kids often. Plain water is best, to avoid too much sugar.
  • Newborns, up to 2-3 month haven't really got the hang of regulating their temperature, so they need special care. Never leave a young baby in the sun. Not only is their skin delicate, but they are at risk of overheating.
  • Apply suncreen regularly. Make sure it is suitable for young skin, so a very high protection level (at least SPF 30), easy to apply and water resistant. The more the kids are running around, and especially if water is involved, the more frequently you'll have to apply it.
  • Depending on the climate where you live, you might want to avoid the hottest part of the day (usually be from 10am to 3pm) or at least limit exposure. This will be especially true if humidity if high.
  • It is a good idea to dress your little ones in light-coloured clothing as light colours reflect the heat better than dark. You can go a step further and get UV/sun protection clothing, however this might not be economic, at least until they are a little older and going through sizes less frequently.
  • Sun hats are a must for all kids on sunny days. Big and floppy is best, to protect the neck and shoulders a little - which baseball caps just don't do. Older kids might also feel cooler in sunglasses!
  • Ice lollies can do a great job of cooling little bodies down. They are also great to get your kids to reappear if they are straying too far: a subdued shout of 'ice creams' will have them back, lined up like soldiers in an instant.

Use this checklist for a hot day out with kids/children to see everything that you might want to bring. Our packing list for a hot day out with children has checkboxes for using online, or you can download and print a copy.

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Packing for Hot day out with kids - Download the list

The Packing List

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