What to Pack for a Road Trip With Kids

Photo by Paul Rysz on Unsplash

There is always something about leaving on a road trip that excites - time with people you love, none of the usual pressures of life, just the practical task of navigating to your destination. Kids add an additional layer of complexity, but this can be easily managed with a bit of preparation.

We find that a managing travel sickness well is one of the key success criteria, both prevention (travel sickness medicine/bands) and having fresh clothes and cleaning materials if the worst happens.

Use our packing checklist for a road trip with kids/children to see everything that you might want to bring. Our road trip with children packing list has checkboxes for using online, or you can download and print a copy.

Packing for Road trip with kids - Download the list

The Packing List

Gadgets and technology
First aid
For the kids
Food and drink